Promoting the emotional health of Hawaii’s youngest.

Our vision of infant mental health

In Hawai‘i the early years are celebrated and revered, first relationships are nurtured, and infant and early childhood mental health is everyone’s kuleana.

Infant and early childhood mental health is shown in a child’s sense of trust and security in the world, curiosity to explore the environment, a lively and dynamic emotional life and a feeling of safety to engage in relationships that support the child’s growth. The capacity to regulate emotions, form secure primary relationships and explore the environment with curiosity are the basis of sound mental health in children from birth to age five.


We promote the social and emotional health of Hawaii’s youngest by building commitment and capacity to foster nurturing relationships, through partnerships, public education, professional training and advocacy.

Why is Infant Mental Health So Important?

It is essential to ensure that first relationships are trusting and caring, since early relationships provide an important foundation for later development in all areas. Support to strengthen early relationships can make a huge difference in the child’s developing sense of self, emotional life, school-readiness, and lifelong ability to form healthy relationships. Infant and early childhood mental health reflects both the social and emotional capacities and the primary relationships in children from birth through age five.