Association for Infant Mental Health Hawaiʻi (AIMH HI) is recruiting a contractor for our Operations Manager.

The position reports to the Finance Committee of the Board of Directors. The Operations Manager coordinates efforts with Professional Development, Membership, Consultation and Endorsement Chairs Responsibilities for the position include:
  • Provide support to the Board of Directors
    • Solicit agenda items from appropriate committee chair
    • Draft agenda and President approval
    • Distribute agenda and necessary attachments five days prior to meeting
    • Schedule meeting either virtual or in person
    • Establish Board & Committee rosters and review annually
    • Review Board Conflict of Interest annually
    • Attend Board meetings
    • Take and distribute minutes
  • Fiscal Responsibilities
    • Act as liaison to the Treasurer and Bookkeeper
    • Prepare invoices for payment
    • Prepare reimbursement requests
    • Write checks and obtain Treasurer signature
    • Enter all transactions into Quickbooks
    • Meet monthly with bookkeeper to review expenses and P&L
    • Prepare month financial reports for the Board or as requested.
    • Convenes the primary stakeholders from Professional Development and Finance Committees around the Budget and assists in typing the budget up and maintaining it.
    • Sets up Physical and Electronic files of vendors, payments, taxes, etc.
  • Contract oversite
    • Ensure that all AIMH HI contractors receive contracts in a timely manner, monitor invoicing and deliverables
    • Maintain annual Grant Worksheet
      • Set up tracking system for reporting, invoicing and payment
      • Produce grant fiscal reports as requested by funder
      • Sets up and maintains physical files for each grant
    • Provides the Professional Development committee with regular reports on total expenses paid out vs. budget to assist them in overseeing implementation of the grant/contract.
  • Business Operations
    • Annually or as needed review & update “confidential information log”
    • Establish a list (in the log) of registrations required for business operations (i.e. Hawaii Compliance Express, SAM and DUNS accounts, Alliance license renewal etc.) and update all information so that they are compliant and active
  • Membership, Donor, & Database Management
    • Assists Board Members with Wild Apricot system
    • Reconciles payments and credits on Wild Apricot system with Affinypay vendor and HAIMH banking
    • Sets up and maintains files for donors
    • Prepares acknowledgement and appreciation for donations received; sends them to donor
    • Works with the Consultation chair to establish a data management system for the Registry and consultation program
    • Works in consultation with the Endorsement chair to assist members in the endorsement process
  • Public Relations
    • Maintain and update website in consultation with the Professional Development Chair
    • Monitor and act on the email address
    • Design and update brochures and membership material
    • Assist membership committee with outreach and renewal efforts
    • Organizing and staffing annual member forum
  • Fundraising (Board Treasurer & Board Members)
    • Assist Board in annual fundraising drive
    • Also see items under Donor management

Inquiries: Funding range from $50,000-$65,000 depending on experience. Required skills; Project and  Fiscal Management, basic bookkeeping and familiarity with Quickbooks preferred. The position requires working with volunteer teams, funders and community partners necessitating excellent written and verbal communication skills, as well as knowledge of and commitment to the wellbeing of children 0-5 and their families.

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