October 23, 2020

Center on the Developing Child

The Center on the Developing Child provides numerous resources for parents, caregivers and professionals.  These resources are easy to use, scientifically-based and free!  Here are a few short videos for you to view and ponder as you wrap up celebrating babies.  The first video is on the importance of play.  The second video is on the phenomenon of “serve and return.”  While the third video is on the importance of early childhood mental health.  Find other valuable resources, including infographics, articles, and additional videos, by visiting The Center.

Importance of Play

Learn about how play can foster young children’s resilience to stressors and how play builds the brain.

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Serve and Return

Learn how the “serve and return” interaction between young children and important caregivers in their lives is one of the most essential experiences in shaping the developing brain.

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Early Childhood Mental Health

Learn how improving young children’s early environments and relationships can prevent long-term issues from forming.

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